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Our Story

An Infrastructure and Fintech-as-a-Service platform, uniquely positioned to connect financial institutions and financial technology.

A typical financial institution may have 7 to 15 lines of business that operate vertically with each having its own processes, applications, and databases. FinTech Automation connects these processes and data across each line of business to deliver great personalized interactions, fraud mitigation, and increase data security.

Our platform includes our proprietary UniFi real time cloud native banking core, integrated with our proprietary payment network ModernRails with direct integration with the Federal Reserve.

As an Infrastructure & FinTech-as-a-Service Platform that enables banks, financial institutions, and Fintechs transform the financial services industry. With FTA, you can easily achieve business architecture upgrades and operational process efficiency upgrades, maximizing ROI while fully unlocking your business potential.

FTA Value

FinTech Automation is the foundation of our clients’ technology stack to truly compete in a financial market increasingly dominated by large financial institution.


FTA consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared passion for fintech innovation.

Dedication and Passion
Highly motivated and dedicated to their work.
Expertise and Specialization
With extensive experience and expertise in fintech.
Collaboration and Teamwork
We believe in the power of teamwork.
Continuous Learning and Development
Keep learning and developing skills to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies.

Helping Banks & Fintechs Compete

By offering cloud native, API-driven banking, trust, and wealth management core, SMB financial institutions can compete and win against larger institutions – and do it without having to write a single line of code.


What makes FTA different?

FinTech Automation’s core solutions and applications automate administrative activities, integrate industry specific enabling technology, and provide unparalleled support with real-time data and dashboards.

Your product—Trusted

Launch multiple products and services with one core system that unifies all data.

Pre Integrated Partners—Scalable

Use our middleware to connect to any third party application and data in real time.

Your Core Systems—Simple

Implement our UniFi core within a few months without the requirement of replacing your existing core.

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