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Modernize Your Business and Service Delivery With Automation

Optimize workflows and boost efficiency with automation, resulting in substantial cost savings and an enhanced overall business value.

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Streamlining Digital Transformation with Workflow Automation

Requirement Analysis

Align with your expectations, conduct thorough research and analysis of the project, and identify specific processes and functionalities that require automation.

Create Process Maps

Creating process maps for you, and provide a clear understanding of tasks and participants involved.

Automate Workflows

An extensible framework based on digitalization ensures that workflows are created and automated from start to finish.

Monitor Processes

Allow real-time progress monitoring, enabling ongoing process improvements.

Analyze and Improve

Empower performance analysis to identify and address delays or inefficiencies, ultimately enhancing process efficiency.

Automated workflows customized for Diversified Businesses

Automating business processes with rules-based logic reduces time-consuming tasks, allowing your teams to work more efficiently.


Utilize workflow automation for marketing campaigns, customer communication channels and for measuring metrics and marketing analysis.


Elevate overall sales effectiveness and work efficiency by streamlining customer communication, form filling, and departmental collaboration.


Enhance payment consistencies, managing compliance requirements, and improving accuracy in forecasting and revenue collections.

IT Operations

manage network users in various departments, including sales, finance, legal, and administrative teams.

Successful Cases

In the continuous delivery of automation services, Fintech Automation has gained rich experience and accumulated more successful cases.

Automatic Report Generation

Save time and effort by automating the reporting process, reducing the need for manual data entry or formatting.

Customer Onboarding

Swiftly input KYC data to expedite the customer onboarding process, and provide customers with a superior experience.

KYC and Anti-money Laundering

Utilize machine learning for data-intensive tasks such as identifying suspicious transactions or automating manual processes.

Account Opening

Speed up account opening process, ensure accuracy, and eliminate errors between the core banking system and new account requests.

Online Signature

Simplify the signing process without visiting the bank. Automatically fill out forms, verify identity, and receive notifications on your mobile device.

Customer Service

Precisely match customer questions to the right support personnel for timely responses, effectively boosting problem-solving efficiency.

Automatic Report Generation

Save time and effort by automating the reporting process, reducing the need for manual data entry or formatting.


Improve Efficiency

Quickly handle repetitive tasks, reduce manual operation time, and comprehensively enhance workflow efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Improve operational efficiency by simplifying and optimizing workflows, reducing dependence on a large workforce, and lowering costs.

Optimize Operations

Reduce human errors, enhance accuracy and consistency in products and services, achieving efficient operations.

Build Competitive Edge

Respond swiftly to market and user needs, accelerating business innovation for enhanced market competitiveness.

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