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Architectural Consultation

Building Robust Architectures: Empowering Tailor-Made Financial Solutions

FinTech Automation's architecture consulting ensures that vital structures align strategically with business goals, mitigate risks, and fulfill precise needs while enhancing operational efficiency.

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Architectural Consultation Services

For the business requirements and integrated platforms, a clear architecture is crucial, providing cost-effective and flexible solutions for business goals.

Architecture Evaluation

At FinTech Automation, we specialize in developing solution architectures that align with your business goals and accommodate market constraints. Our focus is to ensure the stability and flexibility of the entire solution for future growth, while optimizing maintenance costs.

IT Infrastructure Development

Partner with FinTech Automation and leverage our expertise in IT infrastructure development. Our skilled solution architects will assist you in planning and developing your company's infrastructure. We excel in managing and automating servers, databases, networks, and virtualization, while prioritizing security assurance.

Microservices Implementation

If you looking to enhance your company's technological capabilities and overcome challenges such as downtime, slow performance, and limited resource access across different regions. FinTech Automation's microservice architecture offers effective and efficient solutions for backend services.

Find New Opportunities

Banks and Fintechs utilize our infrastructure as the center of their technology ecosystem. FinTech Automation’s solutions helps our clients build and implement new business models.

Understanding the impact of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud infrastructure
Accelerating the evolution of a technology platform
Vetting emerging Fintech
Implementing scalable, elegant solutions
Creating APIs to integrate and leverage innovative functionality
Refining the technologies and business models of startups

How We Can
Work Together

Whether it's banking that meets your customers' expectations, growing the value of your assets, or offering your customers the best custody plan, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.

Transforming Concepts into Cutting-Edge Realities

From ideation to product launch, we provide a holistic approach to product development, propelling your product's success at every step of the journey.

Discover Phase

We explore existing technical options, draw from our past experience, and evaluate potential partners and integrations to identify the best approach. Our meticulous planning ensures the introduction of innovative services aligned with customers' needs.

Architecture Design

We adapt design architecture to customer requirements, integrating advanced technologies for efficiency. Tailoring to specific needs ensures optimal performance, aligning with the latest advancements, exceeding customer expectations.

Proof of Concept Development

We develop a proof of concept to validate the feasibility and practicality of the idea. This saves time and resources by allowing us to test and refine the concept before implementing the full system.

Create Technical Guidelines

Our solution architect and business analyst collaborate to create comprehensive documentation defining the system's structure, operation, and interdependencies.

Create Basis for Development

We determine the programming language, framework, and library collection to be used in the application development process. We establish the project structure and define the development process.

Support of Technical Team

Throughout the implementation process, the architect provides support to the team, addressing inquiries and clarifying our approaches.


Advantages We Provide-Accelerating, Adapting, Innovating

Empowering the acceleration of your digital transformation with architectural consultation services services.

Driving Faster Results

Unlocking limitless possibilities and addressing your business challenges through targeted technology expertise from industry-leading experts with decades of experience.

Facilitating Flexibility

Streamlining complexity and supporting all facets of your digital transformation through a complete architectural consultation.

Fostering Innovation

Liberate financial institutions from conventional IT systems, empowering them to Innovate At Scale, redefine new business value, and position themselves as industry leaders.

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