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Next Generation Banking and Wealth Management Infrastructure

An Infrastructure & FinTech-as-a-Service Platform that enables banks, financial institutions, and Fintechs transform the financial services industry.

Cloud Native & API First Architecture

UniFi provides fintechs, banks, and non-traditional FIs with a cloud native, API driven core that meets the scale, performance, and regulatory requirements of the largest financial institutions.

UniFi Applications

Banking, Wealth Management, and Trust Core Solutions

UniFi’s unique data structure allows financial institutions to offer banking, trust, and wealth management services and extend these services on a private label basis.

Document Vault



Card Issuance

Wealth Tech




Quickly Add Payments And Facilitate  Money Movement

Cloud native solution and modern architecture reduces costs, friction, and drives your digital roadmap forward.

Build Wealth Management Applications Into Your Products

Build wealth management applications quickly, easily, and securely with pre-integrated partners and user experiences.

Modernizing Deposit Processes

Deposit solutions to meet the required image and data capture and security requirements for any remote deposit capture (RDC).

Effortlessly launch your own branded card program

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit accounts then load them into any mobile wallet and ship physical or virtual cards.

Use in parallel to your existing core or move to our modern, cloud based banking core

A complete end-to-end digital banking solution that accelerates innovation, reduces market risk, and continuously enhances the customer experience.

Reimagining Trust Solutions For The Future

Seamless trust solutions to help deliver a turnkey platform at reduced cost.

Meeting Regulatory And Fiduciary Requirements

Configurable workflows for key processes including Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and DOL fiduciary regulations.

Document Security With Accessibility

Solutions to capture, centralize, manage, and secure documents, electronic files, and emails.

Unified Business Platform

Our UniFi Core and micro service based applications allow for a customized experience for clients and employees that augment your internal processes and allow for scale.

Adviser View

Analyze & visualize your entire business instantly.

Easily create customized, branded reports for clients in minutes.

View investments across custodial accounts to provide data driven financial plans and advice.

One singular experience for all your needs.

client View

A complete aggregate view of all of your clients assets all in one place.

Consolidated performance reporting on equities and alternatives.

Deliver a customized experience your clients will love.

Clients have encrypted access to their financial information anytime and anywhere.

support View

Seamlessly integrated workflows with ready to-go integrations

Instant access to client assets and history

Correspondence tracking

Omni-channel support

Compliance View

Automated KYC and operational alerts

Automated data aggregation and verification

Proposal management

Cash management

Automated reminders and task creation for resolutions

Acceleration Cloud™ Middleware

Banking, Wealth Management, and Trust Core Solutions

Acceleration Cloud™ integrates with over 30 third-party partners and is core agnostic to innovate quickly without touching lines of code and accruing technical debt.

Wealth Tech

Connect with ModernRails

The ModernRails payment network represents a new way to send and receive payments, set up card programs, processing acquiring, issuing and cross-border payments.


Facilitate cryptocurrency payments to extend client offerings.

Credit And Debit Cards

Our card program is easy to manage with customizable services allowing you to brand credit and debit cards.

ACH Payments

Easily set up ACH payments to process payments in batches with minimal cost.

Bank Transfer

Set up and manage money movements between banks with real-time reporting.

Wire Transfers

Allow customers to facilitate wire transfers in minutes, not days.

Mobile Payment

Give customers the ability to set up and manage mobile payments and deposits on your platform.

Who we transform

Creating pathways to underserved market segments to grow your business.

Traditional banks
Open Banking
Open Banking

Harness our agile end-to-end solution to create unique financial services and products under your branding. Choose integrations from a robust ecosystem of partners.


By harnessing AI to predict patterns and consumer interactions with financial service companies, we are able to maximize loan decisioning and processing.


Powering your customers’ personal financial needs with a wide selection of services and integrations from our partner ecosystem

Small Business
Underserved consumers

Our core allows you to build what you want with little to no code and align with your customer needs.

Small Business

Create offerings for small business that help them reduce obstacles to transacting with their customer.

Underserved consumers

Ease customers into next-generation banking services. Helping provide solutions to underserved consumers allows you to establish your brand as an innovator and leader.

Wealth Tech
Trust Solutions
Wealth Tech

A new way to expand your wealth management program. With true goal-based sleeve account capabilities, your wealth management team can differentiate and customize services for your best clients.


With a scalable core solution, our platform lets you become a sponsor bank and extend your service offerings. Our technology infrastructure is a cloud-native financial engine can truly transform your business.

Trust Solutions

Our platform provides clients with flexible and cost-effective service for any size of trust account and can provide service and administration solutions for banks of any size.

Embedded finance
Expense Management
Embedded finance

The UniFi platform allows firms to integrated financial services or applications in traditionally non-financial situations. Take finance directly to consumers.

Expense Management

Expense management solutions to help non-traditional firms to create their own financial products.


Develop products to help merchants transact and operate on your site. From invoicing to bridge financing, get the money flowing with flexible commercial solutions.

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