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Data Analytics

Transform Your Business With Advanced Data Analytics

Integrate data analysis throughout your entire business cycle, allowing you to swiftly obtain decision-supporting information from complex data sets.

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Data Analytics As a Service

Empower business with an efficient data analytics solution, liberating you from traditional data analysis constraints and unlocking the full potential of your data.

Fintech Automation Data Analytics


Integrate data from
multiple sources

Manage access and

Schedule and monitor
automated pipelines


Set up transformations

Create and manage
data mapping

Build and manage metrics


Explore centralized data

Create charts and dashboards

Share data

Empower Data Processing with Machine Learning

Machine learning Capability enables fast analysis of data from various sources, efficiently extracting crucial information and detecting anomalies.

Efficient Decision-making

Empower your decision-making with ML-powered features in modern analytic platforms, speeding up the time from data acquisition to decision-making.

Constant Innovation

Identify outliers or trends in data and utilize algorithms to autonomously extract knowledge and patterns. This fosters continuous innovation in data analysis.

Intelligent Fraud Detector

Swiftly detect online fraud, allowing customers to identify potential fraudulent activities and quickly catch more instances of online deception.

Enhanced Autonomy

Reduce the need for manual intervention by leveraging automated and intelligent processes, making the data analytic more self-reliant and efficient.

Our Services

Cater to your data analytics requirements, accelerating businesses of all sizes and industries with unified data.

Data Normalization

Effectively understand and structure messy data in a consistent and efficient manner. Guarantee data accuracy, eliminates redundancy, and improves overall data quality.

Data Management

Efficiently manage, secure, and maximize the value of your data with tailored technologies. Build a modern data foundation to support all your data analytics.

Descriptive Analytics

Provide snapshots of your business by tracking time-series data, monitoring trends, and comparing periods.

Diagnostic Analytics

Analyze events deeply to find their root causes, identifying patterns and relationships to enhance your understanding of past, present, and future occurrences.

Predictive Analytics

Accurately predict future events and help you understand the likelihood of various scenarios for more efficient business operations.

Prescriptive Analytics

Offer clear recommendations for future outcomes, refining predictions and providing data-driven solutions to enhance your decision-making.

Why Choose FTA?

Unleash Potential

Help you understand subtle changes in user behavior and market trends through efficient data analytics, unlocking your business potential.

Speed Up Time-to-Market

Quickly add FinTech Automation's interactive analytics to your applications, avoiding the slow deployment of traditional BI tools.

Boost Efficiency

Swiftly filter and analyze large datasets, discover valuable insights, and make confident business decisions.

Our Key Features

Big Data, Any Data

From spreadsheets to databases to cloud services, explore any type of data.

Intelligent Dashboards

Combine multiple data views for richer insights. Best practices of data visualization are incorporated.

Automatic Updates

Connect and visualize your data within minutes. Tableau is 10 to 100 times faster than existing solutions.

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